Notary Public

There are intensive transnational commercial transactions in this economically globalized world. There has been increasing number of Hong Kong and Chinese companies investing overseas. Usually, relevant notarized documents are required for use overseas. Therefore, in order to facilitate international business cooperation, our firm has been providing a professional, effective and efficient International Notarial Service to meet with the needs of our clients.


The Hague Convention
In order to achieve simplification of the notarial process, many industrial countries joined the Hague Convention in October 1961. Generally, the Member States of the Convention only require that appropriate documentation goes through:

1. The Notary Public; and
2. A verification process by getting an Apostille from the Notary Institution (such as a High

    Court) where the client resides. 


The notarized documents will then be recognized overseas. The Hague Convention has seventy-four Member States, which include the United States of America, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, and the United Kingdom, etc. There are also sixty-nine non-Member States also contracting to the Convention. The Member and non-Member States effectively cover most areas of the world.


Legalization by Consulate or Embassy
If any documents have to be used in countries or areas outside of the Convention, then the documents should undergo the following procedures:
1. The Notary Public;
2. An Apostille issued by the High Court; and
3. Legalization by the Consulate or Embassy of that country.


The Hague Convention has simplified the procedures for International Notary. However, many of the Member States may have imposed extra requirements on legalization of the documents.


Our Service
Being an international metropolis, Hong Kong benefits from the increase in business opportunities because of the globalization trend in recent years. Our firm has been actively providing notary public service to clients from the mainland and other foreign countries over the years.